Bárður M Bárður Fríi Mikladal

Bárður M Bárður Fríi Mikladal

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First Name * Bárður
Last Name * M Bárður Fríi Mikladal
Username * bardur
Country * Faroe Islands
City Klaksvík
Nationality Faroese
Languages Faroese



Availability: student
Website www.hyper-swipe.com


born 1988 in the Faroe Islands, started using max when 3D Max r1 was out when Max 5 came THEN I STARTED FOR REAL... 2005 i attended a 3 week course at Truemax in Denmark..
August 2006 i started at Noroff (Norway, Bergen) at a 3D animation/film production course.. im in the second year now..

My personal interests are:
Drawing, making animation (2D/3D), Film making, VFX... i also love Snowboarding, Skateboarding, Free running/Parkour, Tricking...
i dig a serious adrenaline rush once in a while :P